The words of Alethea, Janya of the Divine Truth, to the maids to whom she has spoken in this age, and through them to all Maidkind.

Many changes, my children, are upon the world, and in the spiritual ether that informs your world, great stirrings have begun. 2A time of fire, both material and spiritual, shall come upon the earth. But take not fear, for out of the fire shall come the fire-jewel of regeneration.

3All that has opposed our Lady over forty centuries; the cruel idolatry of false male gods and of all that is material and gross; 4all that is coming by its own inner laws to its red and blood-drenched climax. 5Fire and iron and blood, and the red sphere named by you Mars, shall have their exaltation and their end.

6The time has come that the eternal Word shall be again spoken among maidens as it was in the first age and in all the ages; 7and as the words of Our Lady are written in the heaven, thus do I cause them to be transcribed without fault upon the earth. 8Guard well these words, for they shall be the path of your deliverance.

9O, children of the setting sun, at the place of Lourdes did our Lady speak to you, yet fools did contort Her words; 10at Fátima did She open Her lips, yet knaves confounded understanding. 11But in Her mercy shall She not withdraw Her grace where She has bestowed it. 12Now is set down the fullness of Truth that there shall be no more false-understanding.

13Now remains but one refuge from Her Truth: that maids should cover their ears and should turn their eyes in aversion. Of all possible acts, that act is the most fearful. 14Yet those who have ears shall hear, and those of good will shall have understanding. 15And every soul that receive the truth shall lighten the burden that shall come upon the world and sunder the chains of her own bondage.

16Violet is the colour of compassion, which of all colours lies furthest from the red, and yet shall follow on it. Violet and the silver sphere of reconciliation. 17After the storm, the silence of renewal. 18My children, receive these words and let it be so.

In the name of the Mother

and of the Daughter

and of Absolute Deity,

thus may it remain.